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Teaching Fellow Appointments at Yale University

Coastal Environments in a Changing World (Environmental Studies 244)

Fall 2018

This field-based class examined the effects of human action and natural phenomena on coastal marine ecosystems. Also addressed were methods used by coastal scientists to address environmental issues; challenges associated with managing and conserving coastal environments. Skills developed included field research techniques, writing of lab reports, writing of research proposals. 


Number of Students: 14, Type of student: Undergraduates

Professor: Prof. Mary Beth Decker

The Science of Water (Geology and Geophysics 207)

Spring 2018 

This class is a seminar based on water in all forms and imports: water as a gas, liquid and solid; water as a energy source; water as a life necessity; water in the environment—conservation, pollution; water in terms of magnetic field generation; water as part of plate tectonics and volcanism; water and climate; water and security; water and food production, and so forth. 


Number of students: 18, Type of student: Undergraduates

Professor: Prof. Kanani Lee

Green Engineering and Sustainable Design (Engineering and Applied Science 360, Forestry and Environmental Studies 885)

Spring 2017, Spring 2019

This course is a hands-on foundation to green engineering and the design and assessment of green products. Through the course assignments, class exercises, and a semester-long team project, students are challenged with the same issues facing our production and consumption systems today. The course is organized around the “engineering design process” from 1) opportunity definition, 2) criteria definition, 3) ideation, 4) alternatives assessment, and 5) solution selection, implementation, and monitoring. The course emphasizes quantitative and rigorous analysis of green design in addition to the tools needed to develop these designs.


Number of students: 32, Type of student: Masters, Doctoral, and Undergraduates

Professors: Prof. Julie Zimmerman, Prof. Paul Anastas

Mentoring and Outreach


  • Outreach Director, Student Leadership Council, NSF ERC NEWT, 2017- 2019

  • Volunteer for Yale Pathways to Science, 2017-2020

  • Co-Chair of Organizing Committee, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies Research Conference, 2017

  • Volunteer Admissions Interviewer, Middlebury College, 2015- present



  • Undergraduate Lab Mentor, Princeton University Chemistry and Geosciences Departments, 2021-present

  • Princeton Women in Geoscience (PWiGS) mentor, 2020- present

  • Women in Science at Yale Mentor, 2017-2020

  • Undergraduate Lab Mentor, Yale College Environmental Engineering Department, 2017-2020

  • Undergraduate Lab Mentor, Dartmouth College Earth Science Department, 2014

  • Undergraduate Lab Mentor, Middlebury College Geology Department, 2013

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